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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  March 13, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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from all of us here, thanks for watching. we'll see you again at 6:00. welcome to a special edition of "world news" from rome. a stunning surprise, a new pope for a new world. [ cheers and applause ] >> pope francis from argentina, the first pope from latin america. >> his wooden cross, a symbol of commitment to the poor. this new spiritual leader of 1.2 billion catholics. today from the white smoke to the deafening cheers. the bells ringing out. our team cross st. peter's square as history is made, "world news" is here.
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good evening from rome, a new pope, a new day and new questions for the man who surprised everyone. cardinal bergoglio of argentina becoming the first pope francis, the first pope in 1,000 years to be chosen from outside europe. a jesuit pope, as we said, wearing a plain wooden cross. the crowd roaring, using words like "speechless." and this, the view from the balcony as the faithful stretch to the horizon. so who is this man, and will he bring change to the church at the crossroads of a new time? abc's josh elliott with the tens of thousands of people in st. peter's square today. josh? >> it was a day that began as last night had ended, with a midday plume of black smoke after the first two votes that revealed a still undecided electorate.
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but at 7:07 local time, as day turned to night over vatican city behind me, the church, after five eagerly awaited votes by those 115 cardinals, had a new supreme leader. the electricity and awe were palpable, as plumes of white smoke rose into the cold, damp, night air. just moments later, there could be no doubt as the bells of st. peter's basilica pealed and sent tens of thousands massed in st. peter's square and beyond, into euphoria. [ crowd chanting ] and as the celebration continued, the vatican and military marching bands provided a soundtrack, a tangible anticipation filled the air. until history's 266th pope was introduced, the 76-year-old
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jorge bergoglio of argentina, who will now be known as pope francis. a theological conservative, he's known personally as a shy and humble man. that could be seen. he lightly waved to the masses who waited hours for but a glimpse. and then in addressing the assembled, he acknowledged the importance of this night. >> translator: my fellow cardinals -- >> reporter: in filling the void left by benedict's stunning resignation, just over a month ago, pope francis offered a prayer to his predecessor. >> translator: first of all, i'd like to offer a prayer for our eminent bishop, benedict xvi. >> reporter: his upbringing was simple, the son of a railway worker. one of five children. as a teenager he suffered a major health crisis, having one of his lungs removed after a serious infection. he would become chemist by trade, turned jesuit priest. in his ministry, he's known primarily for his work with argentina's poor.
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he also passed on residing in the archbishop's ornate palace. choosing to live in a small apartment outside buenos aires, and cooking his own meals while regularly riding a bus or his bicycle, instead of the limousine at his disposal. he is first the jesuit pope from latin america. home of 40% of the world's catholics. he asked for a prayer for himself. >> translator: let us pray silently for me. >> reporter: and then for all the rest. >> translator: let's pray always for each other. let's pray for the whole world. may there be a great brotherhood. >> reporter: a remarkable moment of a remarkable night and that sense of brotherhood was prevalent throughout his speech here tonight. he spoke to the crowd as his
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brothers and sisters and mentioned his plans to pray to the virgin mary so that she may take care of rome and to also lead a mass with the cardinals later tomorrow evening. and he paid huge thanks to his predecessor. reportedly phoned him and made plans to meet with him tomorrow as well. >> yes, and it was amazing when he said, "i'll see you soon," to the crowd gathered in the square. as we said, we kept studying as he walked out on the balcony, that cross, which appears wooden, simple. while past popes, we have seen benedict, john paul ii, wear ornate gold crosses. and he also, as you heard, spoke of a new pope, chosen from a new corner of the world, his own country, has these headlines -- "the new pope is argentinian."
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>> wasn't it something to feel this today? the excitement on the square was absolutely overwhelming, and when this new pope emerged, the crowd went absolutely wild. i spoke with pilgrims from all over the world, but the latinos repeated one word to me -- "emocionate." emotional. >> reporter: for the latinos packed in st. peter's square, there is just one word to describe the feeling of seeing one of their own take to that balcony. "orgullo," pride, as pope francis i addressed the faithful. there were cheers, tears, and disbelief. >> and there we have it, the first pope ever in the history of the catholic church from latin america standing right there on that balcony in st. peter's square. unbelievable. >> reporter: victor nunez de la rosa, in rome for vacation, said never did he ever dream a fellow countryman would become pope. i still don't believe it, he says. from rome to lima, mexico city, rio and especially in argentina,
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resounding emotion. >> translator: i always said he would be one of the best popes we ever have. and thank god he is from argentina. >> us catholics in argentina, we're very, very happy. we believe it's a moment in argentina's history that is very important for us to have an argentinian pope. we need this sign of god. >> reporter: argentina has the world's 11th largest population of catholics. some say this powerful new leader signals a powerful change. >> the election of pope francis is a reminder that the center of gravity has shifted from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere where all the growth in the catholic church is happening. >> reporter: a promise for a new future. >> it's amazing. it's incredible. incredible, it's from argentina, near honduras. from americas, latinas. wow, incredible. >> wow is right.
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one man that i met today, 40 years old from argentina, said never could he ever dream that he would see a pope from his own country. complete and utter shock out there and a lot of pride tonight. >> and it was great to have you out there today. thank you, cecilia. >> and to emphasize one more time the significance of this pope from argentina, look at the map. because each dot you'll see on that map is a pope for 1,000 years since the days of columbus. the popes have come from europe. 147 from italy tonight. but tonight there's one more dot, and this time it is in the southern hemisphere in argentina. the ancient church breaking new ground. earlier, i had a chance to speak with someone who knows this new pope francis personally, cardinal edward egan from new york. please tell us what it is to meet him personally. we have seen the biographies, we've read about him.
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but if he walked into the room and we shook his hand, what don't we know about him? what's something you've seen? >> he's a very warm, humble, friendly, unpretentious gentleman, who is immensely well educated. as you know, he's a scientist and a theologian. he's been in charge of one of the great and large and difficult diocese, arch dioceses of the world. he has everything. >> there have been concerns raised about his age and that we may be looking again at a possible pope in ill health at some point. what do you say to those concerns? >> well, i'm going to be 81 shortly, and i'm still going along under my own steam. and during the congregations over there in rome, i went over to rome to say goodbye to pope benedict xvi and cardinal bergoglio was sitting on the aisle.
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i was sitting across the aisle. and i watched him for two days and he pops right up out of the chair, which i don't do, and he seems to me to be a man in excellent health. >> he is the pope for latin america in many ways. what does this signal to the world? if you had to say one sentence to everybody watching, 1.2 billion people in the catholic church, what would you say is the main thing this signals? >> well, it signals this. this is the latin american moment. it's done us an immense favor. it worked out just beautifully. the latin american moment is here and the latin american pontiff is here as well. >> it's been a long day. we're so grateful to you for joining us. >> my pleasure altogether. god love you and all the very best. >> and there's something else we want to show you that signifies
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this modern moment in the ancient church. the scene in st. peter's square today lit up by a thousand points of light, and they were a constellation of cellphones, illuminating the square, capturing the moment in history forever. the videos, the snapshots, a truly modern start to a papacy steeped in ancient ritual. now i turn to cokie roberts who has covered the vatican. who knows about it. so cokie, methodist girl from kentucky, everyone talking about the first jesuit pope, what does this really mean? >> americans know jesuits well. we have lots of jesuit colleges. and high schools in the country. lots with very good basketball teams. our first bishop in america, john carol, was a jesuit and founded georgetown university. so it's a long american tradition. but the reason it's so stunning, the jesuits and the vatican have had huge differences over the centuries. so for the jesuits to be
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embraced by this institution, is quite something. >> so having been jesuit, meant more challenge to authority? >> absolutely. very intellectual order who is always skeptical and challenging authority. at the same time, they take an oath of obedience to the pope, but they always feel free to question it. >> one more thing. we were sitting all day watching the white smoke and then the new pope. >> quite a day. >> quite a day. and i saw you so emotional when he said prayers, that you said were prayers straight out of your childhood. >> absolutely. any catholic child anywhere in the world knows the our father, the hail mary and the glory be to the father. and those were the prayers he chose to say in the square tonight, so that anybody in the square, could join with him and
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pray with him. it was so inclusive, down to the littlest children. >> and to a kind of formality and a direct hello. >> absolutely. jesuits take a vow of poverty. most of these non-order priests do not. so he will be in a different situation than he's normally been in. >> thanks so much, cokie. and as cokie just said, this new day for the church is a new life for this man who's lived in deliberate simplicity. still ahead on "world news," we'll take you inside the new pope's new home. ♪ i like to eat a lot of fruits. love them all. the seal i get with the super poligrip free
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but he's about to move into the second largest palace in the world -- second only to the one built for the dalai lama in tibet. >> now, if the holy father had invited you for lunch, you would go down there to his apartment at the other end of the corridor. >> reporter: in 2003, we got a rare glimpse into the daily life of the pope. and our tour guide was the late archbishop, john foley of philadelphia, who lived in the vatican for almost 30 years and said most people at home can't imagine a vatican apartment. what do they mean? do they mean a vast series of rooms or two or three rooms? >> well, it is a rather large apartment, obviously. >> reporter: large, but it has changed little through the years. here, pope benedict at his desk in his modest study. religious artifacts, scholarly texts, even a tv. it's the same room we saw when pope john paul ii gave a tour. from the office, he opens that door and you can see his bedroom.
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just a bed, a dresser. >> his bedroom is very simple. his dining room is astonishingly simple. >> reporter: and this is the dining room. pope benedict right there in the center having dinner -- as pope john paul had before. surrounding him, in the entire apostolic palace, 1,400 rooms, more than 1,000 staircases. and by the way, his house painter was the renaissance master, raphael. before we left, i went out onto a terrace, near the pope's terrace, to see roughly what he sees when he walks through the door, walks as so many have before him. the new popes, seeing a majestic sight, and never more majestic than tonight. >> and coming up next on "world news," headlines from back home in the united states. the fire storm over letting passengers carry small knives on planes. is change coming?
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straight day, the longest winning streak since 1996. also tonight, there's developing news in upstate new york. police say a man named kirk myers carried out a shooting spree, killing two people in a barber shop, wounded two others, and then killing two people at a car wash a mile away. tonight police believe they've cornered the suspect in an abandoned building. then he fired at them. the police fired back. as we said, this is a developing story. and also today, the backlash is growing over that new policy allowing small knives on airplanes. concerned flight attendants met at tsa headquarters with the head of the agency, john pistole. and he told abc news that the tsa does not plan to reverse the new policy, saying it's unlikely a terrorist could bring down a plane with a pocket knife, and that they're focusing on more destructive weapons like small bombs. coming up next, our final
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5:57 pm
that would say as much about the direction the ruling body had chosen to go, as it would about the man chosen to lead it. and so after a brisk five votes over two days, the electorate have chosen someone who has a life-long minister to the poor, figures to reach into the church's most humble past to chart that future. while this is a church that will grapple with major issues, tonight was, above all, a celebration for pope francis and the hundreds of thousands thronged here, one of history for the americas and one for all of us not to be forgotten, diane. >> and josh, i thank you, and as we heard him say to that crowd, he invited them on a journey, and he called it a journey of friendship, of love, of trust, and faith. and we thank you for watching this evening as we say goodnight. we want to leave you with some of the stunning images we saw, as history was made today and
5:58 pm
the world greeted a new pope. goodnight. ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] [ bells ringing ] [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ tonight a selection of the new pope francis. two church leaders now in the bay area with personal perspectives on the pontiff. >> how much will it cost to host the america's cup? tonight we'll hear from the
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chief fund-raiser. also, revisiting murders of two police officer who's might ab live if not for the decision of a military commander who let their killer go free. >> a service for those of you who can't deal with snail mail anymore. a way to outsource your inbox. >> to the cheers of thousands of faithful roman catholics today, a new pope emerges on a balcony overlooking st. peter's square. >> the first jesuit pope, first from latin america and first to take the name of the patron saint of the poor. pope francis. good evening, i'm ama daetz. >> pope francis becomes the to 66th pontiff


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